Is accounting in demand in Australia | Jobs in Australia

Why is it the most popular to study accounting in Australia?

Australia, as an emerging and popular study destination for accounting majors, is favored by the majority of international students. Why is this? Take a look!

Is accounting in demand in Australia | Jobs in  Australia

The popularity of studying abroad in business has always been high, and it has always been the favorite direction of Chinese students, among which accounting is the most prominent. Although the accounting major may be a bit boring in the process of learning, its strong practicality and high employment rate still attract everyone!

As an emerging and popular study destination for accounting majors, Australia is favored by the majority of international students. Why? Take a look!

1. Inventory of the advantages of the accounting profession in Australia

(1) High salary

The average annual salary of accounting majors is 57,000 Australian dollars/year (about 370,000 yuan), graduates may not be able to reach such a high level, but when you really have work experience, are you still worried that the salary will be low?

(2) The employment prospects are considerable

According to the survey, 40% of the companies plan to recruit new employees next year, among which the accountants are the ones with job gaps. To tell the truth, accounting is really in short supply. grow yourself~)

(3) High employment rate

The employment rate of full-time jobs for accounting graduates is as high as 79.4%, especially for graduates with a master's degree in accounting, the employment rate for full-time jobs has reached 84%. Are you still having trouble finding work?

(4) Immigration major

The long-term occupation list SOL for skilled immigration in Australia is really beautiful for students who do not want to study engineering and IT but also want to immigrate to Australia! Beautiful! Beautiful!

(5) High international recognition

After the Australian accountant was certified, it was also recognized by the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. It is possible to say that the gold content is really high!

2. Curriculum for accounting majors in Australia

Accounting courses for studying in Australia can be roughly divided into three categories, namely those that do not require an undergraduate professional background, those that require an undergraduate professional background, and accounting CPA extension courses.

One is the MPA course which does not require an undergraduate professional background. Some institutions clearly stipulate that "the applicant's undergraduate major must be a non-accounting major", and it appears in the audit regulations as a necessary condition. Most schools can provide relevant MPA. course.

For example, Macquarie University, Monash University, the University of Sydney, and other institutions, which are second to none in Australia, have courses set for about 2 years. It is suitable for children who are not ideal for their undergraduate major and want to change their status quo. The 2-year program can also provide applicants with a 2-year work visa after graduation, to prepare for future registration in CPA.

The second type of MPA course requires an undergraduate professional background, most of which have the word (ADVANCED/Advanced), which is an advanced MPA course. Most of them are prepared for 1.5-year undergraduate students majoring in accounting. The curriculum is relatively difficult. It is recommended that children with relatively strong accounting background and English pass.

The third accounting CPA extension course, generally this kind, of course, requires an undergraduate non-accounting professional background. Take the CPA extension course of Macquarie University as an example, the length is 2.5 years, and students can choose to get an MPA degree and leave after 1.5 years. You can also choose to complete the CPA extension course for the next 1 year, giving students different options.

Curtin University and Charles Sturt University (3 years) offer similar majors, both of which are highly recognized institutions in Australia.

3. Recommendations from excellent institutions for accounting majors in Australia:

Sydney area: University of Sydney, Macquarie University;

Melbourne area: Melbourne University, Monash University, Deakin University;

Queensland: the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology;

South Australia: University of South Australia;

Western Australia: University of Western Australia

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