The Mayans' Lost Guide To Auto Insurance Quotes

Car Insurance Quotation Details

For every car owner, car insurance must be considered carefully, so how is car insurance quoted? What is the formula for calculating car insurance prices? What are the factors that affect the calculation of car insurance premiums? What are the types of car insurance? Let's take a look at the car insurance price list below.

The Mayans' Lost Guide To Auto Insurance Quotes

Car insurance quotation list:

For newly purchased vehicles, there are several basic types of insurance. The first is compulsory traffic insurance. Private cars are generally unified at 950 yuan for less than 6 seats and 1,100 yuan for more than 6 seats;

third party liability insurance, if the insured amount is 200,000, the premium is generally Around 1,400 yuan;

car damage insurance is usually estimated according to the value of the new car. For a vehicle of about 100,000 yuan, the insurance premium is generally between 2,400 yuan;

the liability insurance for personnel on the vehicle is determined according to the number of seats in the vehicle, and the insured amount for each seat is 100,000, then the premium is about 80 yuan;

there is also about 300 yuan excluding deductible insurance.

In addition, as for other insurances, car owners are better choose a combination of insurance according to their actual situation and needs. For example, new car buyers are usually novices, because their driving skills are not proficient enough, the chance of an accident is less It will be relatively high, and the probability of a new car being stolen, scratched, or broken in an accident is usually relatively high, so if conditions permit, these insurance types are still options that car owners can consider.

Car insurance price calculation formula:

It can be calculated directly on the Internet or at the insurance company. Different insurance companies may have different rates. If you have any questions about the rate, you can directly consult the insurance company for details.

1. Motor damage insurance premium = basic insurance premium + insurance amount of this type of insurance × rate;

2. Third-party liability insurance premium= a fixed insurance premium that corresponds to a fixed compensation limit;"

3. Total car theft insurance premium = actual value of the car × 4. The premium for

newly added equipment loss insurance = insurance amount for this insurance type × rate;

5. Glass breakage insurance premium = new vehicle purchase price × rate;

6. Spontaneous combustion loss insurance premium = insurance amount for this type of insurance × rate;

7. On-vehicle liability insurance premium = compensation limit of this insurance type × rate;

8. Cargo drop liability insurance premium = compensation limit of this insurance type × rate;

9. Excluding deductible special insurance premium = (automobile loss insurance premium + Third-party liability insurance premium) × rate.

Factors that affect the calculation of vehicle insurance premiums:

The factors that affect the calculation of vehicle insurance costs are the insurance amount, insurance rate, and insurance period. The above three factors have a great relationship with the insurance premium. That is to say, the larger the insurance amount selected by the car owner, the higher the insurance rate. Or the longer the insurance period, the more insurance premiums the car owner needs to pay. Any change in any of the above three factors will cause the insurance premium to fluctuate. When purchasing insurance, the owner must choose according to the actual situation of his vehicle.

If the car owner chooses compulsory traffic insurance, third-party liability insurance, vehicle damage insurance, vehicle personnel insurance, and separate glass damage insurance for his vehicle, the deductible insurance is not included. Then the details of vehicle insurance costs need to be changed. For example, vehicle loss insurance is calculated according to the use of the insured vehicle, vehicle type, number of seats, tonnage, displacement, power, vehicle service life, search rate, and benchmark premium. , the calculation formula is base premium = fixed premium + insurance amount × rate.

Each insurance company must calculate the details of vehicle insurance premiums according to the motor vehicle insurance rate table, and then decide the range of discounts according to the company's decision; car owners can also inquire and calculate the corresponding premium by themselves, and then use the premium calculated by themselves as the standard. , Compare, the insurance cost given by the insurance company.

Types of car insurance:

There are three types of auto insurance: compulsory traffic insurance, basic insurance, and additional insurance.

a) Compulsory traffic insurance: Compulsory traffic insurance is the national compulsory auto insurance, which can only be driven on the road after purchase.

b) Basic insurance: Basic insurance includes vehicle damage insurance, third-party liability insurance, theft and rescue, and passenger seat insurance.

c) Additional insurance: Additional insurance includes scratch insurance, spontaneous combustion insurance, glass insurance, vehicle damage insurance, third-party liability insurance that cannot be found, and non-deductible insurance for each type of insurance.

Expand your knowledge:

1. Is the price of compulsory traffic insurance uniform across the country?

For the same standard journey, the national price of compulsory traffic insurance is unified. Considering that compulsory traffic insurance is different from commercial three-liability insurance in many factors such as the legal environment and compensation methods, the national unified insurance price will be implemented in the first year. Accumulate operating data in practice, and gradually implement differentiated rates by implementing a rate floating mechanism of rewarding the superior and punishing the inferior, and gradually adding regional differentiation factors to the rate according to the operating conditions of each region. However, the national price of compulsory traffic insurance varies by vehicle type. The official formula for calculating compulsory traffic insurance premiums is given: compulsory traffic insurance premium = basic premium × (1 ± rate floating coefficient related to road traffic accidents ± rate floating coefficient related to violations), The basic premium is determined by the type of car, and the others are related to traffic accidents.

2. How should I report to the police after the insured vehicle is in danger?

a. After the accident occurs, the insured should immediately report to the traffic management department of the place where the accident occurred and notify the insurance company within 48 hours. If the insured vehicle is stolen, robbed, or robbed, you should report the case to the local public security department within 24 hours (except for force majeure factors), notify the insurance company within 48 hours, and make a statement in the newspaper.

b. The way to report the case is: directly to the insurance company or the insurance agency with the right to make a claim to report the case. If a local vehicle is out of danger, you can report the case to the company's local insurance branch or branch.

c. Contents to be submitted when reporting a case: insurance document number, name of the insured, license plate number, time, place, reason, and loss of the accident.

3. What should I do after the insured vehicle is out of danger?

In the unfortunate event of a road traffic accident, the driver must stop immediately, actively protect the scene, rescue the wounded and property, and promptly report the case to the public Notify the insurance company and the security traffic control agency. The insurance company will promptly send professionals to the scene to assist in handling the accident, implement rescue, investigate and analyze the cause of the accident, and determine the accident losses. In the event of vehicle theft or other non-road traffic accidents, please report to the local public security organ (such as the police station, patrol police) in time, and notify the insurance company at the same time.

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