When do You add Child to Car Insurance ! What is Child Insurance

A must-buy child insurance | If your child is sick, you 
can ask for leave without fear!

The child is sick and asks for leave, what should the parents do?

When do children need to be added to family auto insurance?

What is child insurance?

Do you also have the above problems...

When do You add Child to Car Insurance ! What is Child Insurance

When do children need to be added to family auto insurance?

Many guests will ask, should the children in the family be added to the car insurance policy?

My answer is generally: If the following conditions are met, the child should be added to the policy:

1. The child has a driver's license (permit does not count);

2. The child can drive the family car;

3. The child does not have his own car insurance.

As long as all three of the above are met, you should add your child to your car policy right away. This builds good insurance credit for your child and protects you and your family well in the event of an accident.

The customer will then ask, will it be very expensive to add the child, and will it affect our family's insurance policy after an accident?

My answer is generally: Premiums are calculated based on individual circumstances and are related to age, gender, driving experience, and driving record. However, State Farm Insurance Company is relatively affordable for teenage car insurance. If the child does not have any tickets or accidents, it should be the first choice. State Farm;

An accident affects everyone, but the nature of each accident is different and cannot be generalized; we cannot make a decision not to insure because of an accident that has not yet occurred. What we can do is to choose a good insurance company for the children while they still have a good record, so as to escort the life and property of the whole family.

A must-buy child insurance parents can take care of sick children at home

In today's busy society, many parents of small families have to go to work and take care of the children at home. Once a child falls ill, or a school cannot go to school due to an infectious disease closure, parents need to temporarily ask the company for leave, or urgently enlist the assistance of someone to assist with the child's care. With no backup, should parents take time off when a child is sick or school is closed? What kind of child insurance can compensate parents for the loss of leave, so that parents can take care of sick children at home with peace of mind? Please allow me to walk you through each one.

Child Insurance

The child is sick, and the working parents are troubled!

In group life at school, enteroviruses, flu, colds, or gastroenteritis are easily transmitted to each other. Whether the child is sick or a classmate is sick and the school is closed, and a school suspension lasts 5 to 7 days, the child cannot be taken care of during school. For dual-income families or single-parent families, it can be a lot of pressure.

For single-parent families, the only source of income for the family is suddenly short when parents take leave and deduct wages; and in dual-income families, even if one of the parties can leave the job and focus on taking care of the children, only one family income can pay for daily expenses and children's medical expenses, which is also very tight. . At this time, it is undoubtedly a big help for parents if there is child care insurance that can compensate parents for the loss of salary deductions for taking leave.    

The child is sick and asks for leave, what should the parents do?

When the child is sick or the school is closed, some parents will ask for the support of their in-laws or parents. However, if the elders cannot help, the parents can first search for a reputable babysitter and build their own babysitter list so that they can quickly and easily in an emergency. Find the right babysitter. A "fixed-point temporary care service" has also been established by the government.". Parents can find a fixed-point temporary care service that is closer to their home or workplace in case of emergency.

However, temporary babysitters seem convenient, but it is not easy to find babysitters who can cooperate with time and have a good reputation; and the government's fixed-point temporary care services are limited to fixed time periods from Monday to Friday, and are not yet popular, only some counties and cities have A few sporadic pilot locations. 

Therefore, working parents, most of the time have to choose to take time off to take care of their children because they are worried about their children being at home alone. In addition to personal leave, parents can also apply for the so-called "family care leave". The difference between this leave and personal leave explains As follows:

According to Article 20 of the Gender Work Equality Act, when a family member is vaccinated, has a serious illness or other serious accident, and needs to be personally taken care of, an employee can take family care leave. Family care leave is limited to 7 days throughout the year, and the number of days is included in the calculation of personal leave. 

General personal leave is not paid, but family care leave employers can decide whether to pay or not. The difference between personal leave and family care leave is that employers shall not be regarded as absenteeism and affect full attendance bonus and performance appraisal because the employee takes family care leave.

Child Insurance|Let parents take time off to take care of their children with peace of mind

In order to provide their children with a better quality of life, both parents often have to work hard. However, if their children are sick or school is suspended, they need to take time off to take care of their school-aged children at home. The candles are often burnt. Salary deductions, resulting in a lack of income.

Fubon Property & Casualty launched "Child Care Insurance" to compensate parents for the salary loss of taking leave so that working parents can ask for leave with peace of mind, which can reduce the pressure and economic loss of leaves, and can take care of young children at home without any worries so that the whole family can be more secure! And you do not need a salary or leave certificate to apply for compensation, so self-employed or housewives (husbands) can apply for compensation

which is a unique feature of Fubon! For more details and premiums, please click Child Care Insurance.

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