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The Best Houston Maritime Attorney: Everything You

Need To Know

Maritime law is a confusing and very complex field of law. Houston maritime attorney can help you navigate the legal system with ease. There are a lot of maritime attorneys in Houston, all of whom have different specialties. Some specialize in personal injury, others on navigating contracts in the maritime industry.

But what is a maritime attorney exactly?

Here's a breakdown of what maritime law covers, the different types of law firms in Houston that specialize in maritime law, and what you should know about hiring a maritime attorney.

What is Maritime Law?

Maritime law is about the laws that protect maritime transportation. It is divided into three main categories; internal, external, and constitutional. Each of the categories has its own set of laws that govern different areas. For instance, the constitution in the Constitution of the United States governs the internal law. Many times, the laws that affect maritime transportation are also responsible for the law within the three main categories of maritime law. Maritime law is equally as complex as the Constitution of the United States. Therefore, you need an experienced maritime attorney to help you. Mapping Out Your Maritime Law Issues Maritime law can affect your financial future and the sale of your business.

The History of Maritime Law

The maritime law world has had its ups and downs. Historically, the process was based around a form of international arbitration that was used to resolve maritime disputes. The purpose of international arbitration was to create a free market, rather than a monopoly environment. Some of the challenges with international arbitration are the logistics and the time needed to pursue maritime disputes to their conclusion. Additionally, the parties involved have very strong self-interests that may conflict with the law. Bilateral Arbitration The United States has traditionally been the leader of this field of law, and the Maritime Act of 1999 is a direct result of this influence. The US has instituted bilateral arbitration.

Maritime Law in Houston

The marine industry can create a lot of headaches, and a Houston maritime attorney can provide you with guidance and advice for solving your issues. From maritime environmental law to shipbuilding, to any and all disputes involving ships and maritime law, you can rely on attorneys in Houston to get you out of any problem. As one of the best Houston maritime attorneys, one of our top choices is one of Houston's most recognized and established maritime attorneys, Winston Lopez. Mr. Lopez has a deep understanding of maritime law, having represented over 500 clients on matters ranging from maritime transportation, maritime and offshore, vessel construction, maritime trade, terminal operations, maritime pollution, maritime litigations, aviation licensing, and maritime lease agreements.

Types of Maritime Law

There are several types of maritime law, which are listed below: Seal Code Warrant of Crewman Maritime Miscellaneous Sovereign Immunity Foreign Ship law Indemnification Subrogation Requirements for Lawyer and Attorney Houston marine attorney has to meet several requirements in order to help you with your marine insurance claim. These requirements are as follows: An international, certified law degree. Professional membership in a professional organization like the American Association of Marine Underwriters (AAMU) or the Insurance Institute of Oceanography (IOO). Expertise in other areas of law, specifically maritime law. Specialized knowledge of the particular marine insurance policy or law that is relevant to your claim.

Steps to Hiring a Maritime Attorney

The first thing you need to do when hiring a maritime lawyer is to have a good understanding of the laws in your country and jurisdiction. For most maritime lawyers, doing this step can be challenging because they are usually busy dealing with numerous different clients and deadlines. If you choose to hire an attorney, it’s always a good idea to research and contact several of them to get a feel for their work and what services they offer. The next step would be to read up on the services they offer. This is especially important if you are looking to hire an experienced maritime lawyer who works mainly with complex matters. When looking for a maritime attorney, many other questions need to be answered as well. What’s the experience of the lawyer?


Maritime Law is an extremely complicated and challenging legal area of law. In order to start exploring maritime law, the best Houston maritime attorney is essential to understand the complexities of the law. Houston maritime attorney can assist you with your legal and maritime questions and can assist in making solid legal and business decisions. Get Complete Legal Advice For more information on maritime law in Houston, visit https://www.henryannaritan.

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