Nikki Bella Raped Twice At a Young Age - Nikki Bella WWE wrestler

Nikki Bella Raped Twice At a Young Age - Nikki Bella WWE wrestler

I was raped twice at a young age, a former professional wrestler

Nikki Bella, a former professional wrestler and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler, revealed in her autobiography that she was raped twice at a young age.

According to Global News, Nikki, along with her twin sister Barry, wrote a book based on her biography, in which she described some unfortunate incidents and now she has a reason to talk about them and bring out the truth.Nikki Bella said she was sexually harassed by a schoolmate at the age of 15, when she thought he was her friend.

Nikki Bella announces retirement from WWE

He further revealed that at the age of 16, he was once again sexually abused by a college man after he was drugged.

According to Nikki Bella, "It was a very difficult time and after that I was blamed and embarrassed. When something like this happens with a case, I feel more embarrassed than angry. I wish it was like that." I could stop myself.

"When I was raped, I kept blaming myself for years, I was embarrassed and that's why I kept it a secret but it made me lose my self-confidence," he said. It started happening.

Nikki Bella added: "I started insulting myself, then in my youth, the relationships I formed, they insulted me too, but I thought maybe that's what I'm capable of and That's the way it should be with me. "

He hoped that by reading his stories, other people might learn a lesson and become empowered.
Remember that in 2017, the campaign of sexually harassed women 'Me Too' came out which stunned the world.

"When the Me Too campaign came out, I thought maybe these young girls are looking at us and I can help them somehow," the former wrestler wrote of the campaign.

Nikki also said that the 28-year-old with whom she had a relationship taught her self-respect and self-importance.

Referring to her twin sister Bari Bella, Nikki said, "I used to look at Bari and think about how much she respects herself. Why am I not like that?" But maybe I knew why. "
Nikki Bella Raped Twice At a Young Age - Nikki Bella WWE wrestler

The biographies of Nikki and Bari Bella came out on May 5 this year.

It is believed that in the past, Nikki Bella had a relationship with wrestler and actor John Cena and they both got engaged, however, shortly after the engagement ended and announced a breakup.

In her autobiography, Nikki Bella also talked about her relationship with John Cena and wrote that despite her 6-year relationship with him, she still regrets many things.

Nikki Bella Raped Twice At a Young Age - Nikki Bella WWE wrestler

Twin wrestler sisters Nikki and Bari Bella conceived together

The pair of two sisters were much loved and both won many wrestling events.
In the wrestling ring, both of them were seen beating their rival women in a very bold manner while due to their bold style, they also got a lot of fame in the media.

Bari and Nikki Bella not only excelled in wrestling but also acted in TV and movies while making a name for themselves in the fashion world.

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