Who we are

We are a group of Muslims based in Columbus, OH, USA. We want to help you learn about Islam from the best source – actual practicing Muslims.

Our vision:

  • Invite people to Islam through accessible media means .
  • Eradicate misconceptions about Islam.
  • Provide means to help and educate new Muslims.
  • Join the efforts in ASK-A-MUSLIM activities
  • Financial support : send your donations here

What do we want from you
DAWAH is an OBLIGATION on every Muslim according to all schools of thoughts

What we do

  1. Dawah table (weekly!) is several locations in town

  2. Communication dawah

    1. Dawah fliers to door to door
    2. Send dawah flier to  local newspapers ( dispatch )
    3. Door hangers  door to door
    4. 1800# ( 1888-you ask muslim )
    5. Text message dawah
    6. Dawah posters
  3. Billboard, total three local billboards

  4. Website www.ask-a-muslim.com

  5. Internet , facebook , twitter, answer islam related questions via email

  6. Education

    1. Offer classes for new muslim.
    2. Send invitation letter to local chruches.
    3. Write dawah articles.
    4. Give lectures to non-muslim.
  7. Dawah van : a van full with dawah material /Quran that goes to local events.

  8. Public speaking /radio : committee dedicated to responds to newspapers

    1. Project for next year is to establish Ask-a-muslim radio station.
  9. Community volunteering : a team dedicated to do to community volunteering, feeding the poor.

  10. Dawah material : committee dedicated to ordering /distributing dawah material via.

    1. Bumpers stickers.
    2. Back window decals
    3. Buses advertisement
    4. Dawah shirts
  11. Media : editing/making dawah videos

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